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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In one of the most beautiful neighborhood's in Jerusalem, our team had the pleasure of working with a wonderful Brazilian family, in making their dreams of a beautiful home in Israel come true.

The apartment design is modern contemporary which can be seen in the clean lines, light colors and tremendously high ceilings, while still exuding a warm and homey feeling.

The elevator opens right into the penthouse; into a beautiful wood panelled foyer. The closed, separate kitchen is very traditional in functionality, but an extension of the modern contemporary design.

The hidden study off of the living room allows for privacy in having the more casual room concealed, while functionally, the family enjoys the inclusivity that the room can offer.

The master bedroom and its high ceilings are luxuriously enjoyed, as well as a natural marbled master bathroom with an incorporated steam shower.

The abundant storage throughout every room of the penthouse was an important factor, maximizing storage space while looking sleek and concealed, and leaving the feeling light and airy.

The small laundry room allows for easy access with everything at the reach of your finger tips, while taking up a small amount of space, with a skylight light fixture that gives an airy and open feeling.

The personality of this wonderful family radiates throughout the house as this piece has been created by extension and inspiration of all of their dreams coming to fruition in combination with our creativity, and hard work.

We wish for this family to enjoy their new home for many years to come.

View Gallery http://bit.ly/TamarRand_Madeira

Watch on Youtube https://youtu.be/wPC-o2zZhFk

Special thanks to Ayden Brody for fantastic videography and editing!

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